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Course Outline
    1. Nature of the Ancient Regime
    2. Weakness in the Character of King Louis XVI
    3. Social Stratifications
    4. Influence of Philosophers and Encyclopidists
    5. Role of American War of Independence 1776-1783
    6. The Role of the Queen Marie Antoinette
    7. Influence of Britain
    8. Financial Crisis in France
    9. The Role of the Catholic Church in France
    10. The Effects of Natural Disaster of 1788
    11. The Calling of the Estates General Meeting on 5th May 1789
What you will learn?

    Discuss the causes of the French revolution

    • How each point led to the outbreak of the French revolution
    • Critique the main factors in their role in the outbreak of the French revolution
    • Understand the chronological flow of the factors in the outbreak of the French revolution
    • The notion of starting with the long-term causes and end with the short term causes of the revolution.
    • European history text books ie by Denis Richards and HL Peacock
    • Notebook and pen
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Mr. Isingoma Albertcook
I am a teacher of History for over 15 years and I have taught this subject in many schools some of which are King's College Budo, Trinity College Nabbingo, London College of St Lawrence, Crown City Campus of St Lawrence, Turkish Light Academy, Light Secondary school, Kampala Secondary school, St John's Secondary school Mukono among others. I have examined this subject both at National and Local level with several bodies including WAKISSHA(WAKISO DISTRICT) , Uganda Teachers Education Consult (UTEC) , Jinja Joint Examination board (JJEB), Uganda History Teachers Association (UHTA), St Lawrence Examination Board among others. I have also facilitated this subject in many schools over time including King's College Budo, Aga Khan High School, Namilyango School, St Thomas Aquinas College Kamwenge, Kisubi Mapeere SSS, St Lawrence Creamland Campus, London College of St Lawrence, Seroma and Hilton High schools in Mukono, Kampala Secondary school, Kinaawa High school Kyengera among others.